We are a strictly Canadian Hosting Company.  Our dedicated server is located in Montreal, Quebec.

  • 100Mbps uplinks for all servers
  • DDOS Protection
  • R1Soft CDP - Continuous Data Protection - Offsite Backups located in Toronto
  • Full 24/7 hardware replacement and support
  • White labelled Network
  • 100% Cisco powered Internal Network
  • Highend datacenter infrastructure (Power generators, UPS, cooling system, multi-level security checks and pre-action fire suppression systems)
  • Check out photos of the Data Center - location of our server.

Welcome to Reactive Host.  Reactive Host is a new subsidiary of Reactive Designs.  This hosting company guarentees 99% uptime and very fast servers.  Our servers run CentOS with cPanel control pannel.  cPanel is a very powerful server control pannel allowing you to backup and restore your files, databases, email and account settings with a click of a button.  The dedicated server is located in Montreal, Quebec - Canadian Webhosting.  Local and offsite backups are taken regularly to make sure you data is secure. 

We can provide any size hosting plan you require.  Check out our 4 standard packages.  If one of these packages does not fit your needs we can customize one for you.  Do you require a PCI compliant website?  We have partnered with McAfee to provide you PCI compliant reports.  If  you have any questions please contact us today.  If you require any web design services please visit Reactive Designs